Our Team

Owner/President Aaron Sorensen, BS, MBA, CPO, LPO

Aaron has devoted himself to excelling in prosthetic and orthotic care since 1989.  After spending many years working in the field while earning his BS in orthotics and prosthetics at Florida International University, and his MBA at Middle Tennessee State University, then working full time as a practitioner, Aaron purchased Dillard Prosthetics and Orthotics in 2001, and incorporated the newly acquired practice as Restorative Health Services. 

Expansion began immediately and today the practice services Middle Tennessee with eight convenient office locations.

He has been published in the prestigious Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics and has served as an ABC examiner and orthotic review committee member. He was also a member of the AAOP state Licensure committee in 2006.

Aaron is a well-known and respected subject matter expert and consultant in the health care community. He regularly speaks at regional educational conferences, consults on an ongoing basis with national manufacturers such as Freedom Innovations. He is a counsel member of GLG and frequently provides insights to other health care industry leaders.

When not seeing patients and running the practice, Aaron and his wife, a professor at MTSU, stay busy keeping up with their twin daughters and the family’s show dogs.

Lauren Vaughn, Administrative Practice Manager, BS

Born and raised in Middle Tennessee, Lauren is characterized by management and staff alike as the “glue” that holds RHS together. She began her career with the company in 2008 with the responsibilities of executive assistant to the president and various day-to-day bookkeeping duties. Today, Lauren’s influence can be seen in every aspect of the administrative management of RHS. Her roles include human resources, office staff training and education, troubleshooting and resolution of issues related to every facet of the practice with the exception of clinical areas. She is responsible for handling all aspects of the company’s VA contract and ensures that our veterans receive the fastest turnarounds possible.

Lauren also handles the multiple and ongoing accreditation duties required to certify and attest to the quality standards of the practice, including insurance and government entities, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Lauren handles the company’s long term financial planning and execution in coordination with Aaron. She is also the final decision maker in his absence.

Her customer service philosophy is to keep patients happy and to make on time appointments as the norm, thus minimizing wait times.  She particularly values Aaron’s trust and confidence in her abilities to implement continuous improvements in administering RHS.

Lauren and her husband are the proud parents of a son and daughter, which keep them busy in their “free time.”

Our Care Providers

Our professional staff is made up of practitioners certified by the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics, Orthotics and Pedorthics. (link to the ABC site), and/or the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)  (https://www.bocusa.org/).

They are also licensed as clinicians by the state of Tennessee.  http://www.tennsop.org/licensure.html

Currently, in order to be certified, and maintain certification, by ABC practitioners must:

  • Have a master’s degree in prosthetics and/or orthotics, or related health science master’s degree
  • Pass written and practical examinations
  • Complete their residency program at a site that is certified by the National Commission on Prosthetic and Orthotic Education (NCOPE). Length of residency is determined by field(s) of certification, but is not less than one year. 
  • Maintain their credentials by participating in ongoing professional CEU education

To be certified and maintain certification by BOC a practitioner must:

  • Pass the MCE examination that assesses the knowledge of the applicant.
  • Pass the Clinical Simulation Examination which explores the clinical decision making and problem solving skills involved in patient care. This exam presents eight realistic cases for the applicant to successfully solve.
  • Pass the Video Practical Examination which is a visual demonstration that is submitted to show hands on skills and craftsmanship. The Video Practical Examination is evaluated and scored by three independent certified practitioners.
  • Maintain credentials through ongoing continuing education. The number of hours of continuing education are dependent upon the practitioner’s certification(s).

To be certified and maintain certification by the state of Tennessee:

Tennessee liscensure requires that each licensed orthotist, prosthetist and pedorthist must annually complete fifteen (15) hours of continuing education in courses applicable to his/her profession. At least six (6) hours of the continuing education each year must be obtained by each licensee from providers in the State of Tennessee. A person who is licensed in more than one (1) profession under these rules shall annually complete a total of twenty (20) hours of continuing education.

Our Technicians

Certified prosthetic and orthotic technicians (CTO/CTP) play an invaluable support role at RHS. A Certified Technician is an individual trained and qualified to assist a certified practitioner by providing technical support. The certified technician fabricates, repairs and maintains orthoses and/or prostheses; and is also proficient in current fabricating techniques, familiar with material properties and skilled in the use of appropriate equipment. As with other certified care providers, technicians must participate in continuing education to maintain their credentials.

Locally Owned and Operated Is More Critical Than You Might Think

We Only Answer To You

From the beginning, RHS’ president and owner, Aaron Sorensen, CPO, has been committed to keeping RHS as a privately held Tennessee company. Not only is Sorensen the owner, he is also a clinician who sees and treats a full case-load of patients every day. Not being owned by a venture capitalist, private equity firm or being a publicly traded company means we do not answer to shareholders or financial drivers which would result in making our main focus to maximize corporate profits. This allows us latitude that many of other middle Tennessee prosthetic and orthotic companies do not have.

Important questions to ask when deciding between prosthetics and orthotics companies

  • Is your ownership local?
  • If not, what is your primary focus, regional or national?
  • Do you have a formulary making componentry and decision making for my care limited to certain types of products?
  • Do your practitioners receive bonuses for financial performance?
  • What types of percentages off the cost of components and other products does your practice receive from manufacturers to incentivize you to choose them over another supplier?
  • Does your company have a preferred vendor list that you are required to follow in patient care?

When planning our patient care:

  • We do not have to stick to a corporate preapproved list of vendors or products
  • There is no formulary for its clinicians to follow
  • There is no time limit or number of visits placed on appointments
  • There is no hard-sell on technology the patient does not need or will not benefit from that would primarily increase corporate profits but not help the patient.

What does this mean for you, the patient?

Competitors’ bottom line = cuts and formularies
RHS' bottom line = top quality patient care

Competitors’ short term plan/ outlook = increase profits
RHS' short term plan = increase satisfied patients

Our business model is directly tied to our patient care model. Unlike our competitors, our patient care model is not influenced by our business model. Both aspects of our practice are devoted to one core mission: providing the best patient care in Middle Tennessee. We believe if patients are happy and satisfied they will return and let other prospective patients know about RHS. This is how we go about increasing referrals maintianing a healthy business.

Local ownership, local care providers, local internal billing department, local decisions, no formularies, no mandatory vendor list to follow, a company in your community with staff and ownership right here in Middle Tennessee. We are your friends, neighbors family: RHS is part of the communities we serve.

Our focus is to be the best Middle Tennessee provider for prosthetic and orthotic patient satisfaction serving only Middle Tennessee. We are the sole Middle Tennessee prosthetic and orthotic practice that is focused completely on Middle Tennessee.