Advanced Technology and Specialty Lifestyle Devices


Innovation in prosthetic technology has been increasing at a rapid rate, thanks to new materials, advances in robotics and the incorporation of micro-processor components. Our certified prosthetists undergo in-depth education on the fitting and fabrication of these advancements, in order to be credentialed to provide them to our patients.

Please keep in mind that not every amputee is suited for these new designs. Your prosthetist will go over your personalized options with you at your appointment. We invite you to learn more, as a discussion tool between you and your prosthetist by following these links.

Microprocessor (Bionic) Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Socket Technology


Specific circumstances call for different types of orthotic devices. Advancements in the science of orthotics means that better results are easier to obtain, and the right device may change your life. If you’re a candidate for orthotics that use advanced technology, your certified orthotist will discuss options with you and will go over the potential benefits that new techniques can provide. Some of the different devices that use advanced technology include:


This device uses functional electrical stimulation to improve walking capabilities. Patients who have developed a condition known as foot drop due to injury or disease like a spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy are may be candidates for this device. It can help compensate for toe drag and other basic walking issues.

walkaide patient


The C-Brace orthotronic mobility system provides real time gait analysis throughout the entire gait cycle, enabling it to manage every period of gait and deliver incredible stability and responsiveness, regardless of the terrain or patient’s walking speed.  The “C-Brace” enables patients to walk with controlled knee flexion and confidently for the first time descend stairs step over step, and walk down hills and ramps.

Stance Control KAFO

This is a variation of the standard Knee, Ankle, and Foot Orthotic device, but the stance control variation allows the knee to bend to some degree during the swing phase of walking. This helps deliver a more normal looking and feeling gait. With this device patients no longer have to walk with a locked knee, which eliminates the need for many compensatory deviations.


Nuero IFRAH is a new approach to assisting post-stroke patients with limited mobility to regain function. Nuero IFRAH combines technology with the view that it is critical to treat the whole body as a system, rather than focusing on just an affected body part. RHS is the only O&P practice in Middle Tennessee approved to fit the Nuero IFRAH AFO.

Specialized Lifestyle Devices

These devices are designed to aid in participating in sports, hobbies and work accommodations.

TRS is dedicated to providing terminal devices for upper extremity amputees. Ranging from devices to make cooking easier, to sports and hunting to music, the company offers a wide selection of assistive technology. Your prosthetist can discuss the benefits of specialized terminal devices with you at your appointment.

Waterproof above and below knee components that are created for any type of water activity, from showering to swimming.

The Bartlett Tendon Universal Knee was designed by professional downhill mountain biker Brian Bartlett. This knee has years of proven performance in the most demanding and extreme applications. This muscle driven combination increases feedback and gives the user a unique, natural smooth action feel that cannot be replicated by other knees.

Please note that these advanced technologies are not necessarily right for every patient. Your RHS practitioner will discuss with you the best approach for your condition. In many cases, that may very well be a more traditional device, which we also provide.